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SunnyNanny offers wide range of child care services. In order to understand if the AU-PAIR CYPRUS PROGRAM is what you need, see the description of the program and the explanation of au-pair's duties and your role as a host family​.

Not enough hours in the day? Love your kids, but need a bit of your own life style back? Want help but don’t want to depend on friends and family all the time? Still want to pursue your career? Maybe it is time you consider an au-­pair! SunnyNanny is here to provide you assistance you require. Contact us today so we can get to know you and your kids and offer you the best solution.


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Basic info




Our database consists of numerous au-pairs with wide range of background, nationalities, age, experience and language skills. Chose the one, who suits your needs most and let us know your choice in the application form. Haven't you found an au-pair matching your requirements? Never mind! We have network of partner au-pair agencies, and we can instantly start with the au-pair search based on your specific needs.



AU-PAIR CYPRUS is a cultural exchange program for young adults from EU countries who come to Cyprus to live with your family, learn about your culture and to help you to run your household. An AU-PAIR has the status of a guest, it is not a job. Host family provides free food, accommodation and pocket money as a reward for help of an AU-PAIR. In return, the AU-PAIR helps the family with the childcare and housework. The main activities of an AU-PAIR are connected with the child care, such as playing games, transport, reading bedtime stories, sport activities, tutoring, school preparation, daily hygiene, preparation of meals etc. An AU-PAIR provides busy parents with a much needed, extra set of hands. An AU-PAIR's duties include light housekeeping work such as dusting, ironing and vacuuming. It is important to understand that an AU-PAIR is not a maid, her primary responsibility is childcare. The huge benefit of having an AU-PAIR at home is that your kids will be able learn and practice foreign language with a native speaker


Because AU-PAIRS provide a full time live-in childcare, they offer more flexibility and can care for your child at times that accommodate your family's schedule. An AU-PAIR lives in your home and becomes a part of your extended family while acting as a loving caregiver for younger children and a big sister to older children. Simply an AU-PAIR helps relieve your family of everyday stress, you can complete your projects with total peace of mind knowing that your children are in caring and dependable hands.

Once you define your requirements and expectations, sit down and fill out the HOST FAMILY APPLICATION FORM. It will help us to better understand your needs and find the perfect au-pair for your family.



One of our coordinators will contact you, in order to arrange the date and time of interview with all family members. This step is necessary to specify your needs, explain AU-PAIR CYPRUS PROGRAM rules and to see the environment your potential au-pair would be placed in.



When everything is clear and you confirm your participation in the AU-PAIR CYPRUS PROGRAM you will be asked to pay the application fee. After the payment is done, you can relax and we start to search for your perfect au-pair match. Depending on your requirements the search can take up to 1 month.

What you get

Families can select their AU-PAIRS from our database or we can search for a specific candidate according to your criteria based on experience, nationality, language, age, driving skills, education, and special abilities such as arts&crafts, cooking, sports and music. SunnyNanny is committed to finding the right au pair match for your family.


All of SunnyNanny's au pairs:


  • have previous childcare experience

  • are citizens of one of the EU member countries

  • speak and understand English well

  • have completed a secondary education or equivalent

  • are minimum 18 years old

  • have permission to live and work in Cyprus

  • have First Aid certificate

  • have no criminal record

  • are in good health

  • are able to commit to a 12-month position


SunnyNanny treats each client individually and personally. We provide a full range of services, finding you the best candidate to meet your specific needs and make the whole process stress free for you.  You don't have to worry about anything else, but separate eqiupped room for your AU-PAIR, which has to be ready one week prior to her arrival. We take care of the rest. SunnyNanny guarantees the clean criminal record and proceed with the medical, reference, character and background check of each candidate. The selected candidate will pass personality profile tests, their results will be provided to you on request. Your registration fee covers also the return flight ticket of your au pair and we will take care of all legal documents. On top of that we provide your AU-PAIR with certified first aid training for infants and babies and driving lessons


We continue to assist you even once we found your perfect au pair. If something goes wrong during the first three months of your au-pair contract we provide you with adequate replacement of your au-pair free of charge. Our experienced coordinators will assist you during the process of application, selection and adaptation, because the satisfaction of your family with your au pair is of the highest priority for us. 



We present you with the pre-selected candidates and arrange an online meeting between you and desired au-pair/s.



As soon as both sides confirm the au-pair placement, they sign an AU-PAIR agreement prepared by SunnyNanny. We take care of her training and travel arrangements. You just have to prepare a separate room for the new member of your family.



Two weeks prior to the arival of your AU-PAIR you pay the program fee. When your au-pair arrives to Cyprus, you pick her up at the airport and take her to her new home. First couple of days of her stay with your family she attends necessary courses and seminars and gets familiar with your family members, daily routine and her duties. 



During the placement of your au-pair we stay in touch aspecially in the first months and make sure that everything is great and both you and your au-pair are happy and satisfied. 

Working conditions of an au-pair

AU-PAIR CYPRUS works 8 hours per day, 5 days a week according to the schedule proposed by the host family. The family can request 1 night (5 hours) of babysitting per week. After 4 months of placement the AU-PAIR is entitled to paid holiday (in total 14 days a year).

The duties of an AU-PAIR can be varied and include tasks such as:


  • Playing with the children and keeping them safe

  • Preparing meals and snacks for the children

  • Helping to keep the children’s room tidy

  • Bathing and dressing the children

  • Preparing children for bed and reading goodnight stories 

  • Helping school age kids by packing lunches, taking them to school, helping with their homework and tutoring

  • Entertaining the children and teach them about her culture

  • Taking the children on walks, to playgroups, various events and other activities

  • Travelling with host family on vacations and providing care for the children

  • House cleaning  and other light housework


Your are obliged to provide your AU-PAIR with accommodation and food. The minimum pocket money paid by the family starts from 400 € per month. The maximum amount of the monthly pocket money is not limited and it is up to you.

There are no additional costs, such as bank guarantee or social insurance payments. An AU-PAIR is expected to pay her own bills, such as social and health insurance, telephone, language course and free time activities, however it depends on you, what kind of extra benefits, you want to provide to her.


Each AU-PAIR CYPRUS has possibility of earning an extra income working in her free time as a babysitter under the condition that her host family agrees with it. Each AU-PAIR should be enabled to attend the language courses (Greek or English). 

The program registration fee for 12 months long AU-PAIR CYPRUS PROGRAM amounts to 2737 €. It can be divided into 3 instalments :


  • Application fee (non refundable) amounting to 230 € is paid prior to the AU-PAIR search, after you fill in the application form and meet one of our coordinators to answer all your questions and make your needs and requirements clear.

  • Program fee amounts to 1307 € and it is paid after both sides sign the AU-PAIR contract, no later than 14 days prior to arrival of your AU-PAIR.

  • Intermediary fee amounting to 1200 € can be paid within first 3 months of the placement of your AU-PAIR or in 12 instalments in the beginning of each month.

If you decide to pay the whole amount at once, you get discount of 10% and you pay only after bothsided confirmation of the AU-PAIR placement. You can read more about payment terms and cancellation policy in the Terms & Conditions for Host Family.

Program costs

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